Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Style #Monday


€ The way you dress will calculate your future. Just like the game MASH. The difference is that this isn't a game. It's. Your. Life.

*Every day you make an impression, whether you like it or not. But, you can control it too. By the way you look. How many times have you judged someone by their appearance? Well the public does the same thing to you as well. It is all in your hands. That is why I am here to help.*

><Summer is here, and wherever you live that means one thing. *Style change.* With the season comes a new wardrobe for activities that are now available. This is to help guide you on the  best things to wear for anything and everything you do. ><  



When on the beach there are multiple things to do that require different attire. Surfing, swimming,and scuba diving are similar. Though you would not wear the exact same thing to all of them. Tanning, and boating are the same way. Planning ahead and being resourceful are necessary. This is one of the most common summer activities, so it is why this is my example.

            What is a better way to start the week than a relaxing boat ride? Whether a yacht or a speedboat this is the perfect attire. It's good to wear a dress especially if there is a swimsuit under, because you can just slip it off.

This is great because when your hair is down it will frame your face, and it would be even better in beachy waves. Minimum makeup due to being in the water zone. Waterproof mascara, and hydrating BB lips lipstick(target and for 2.00-3.00$) would be great. But, if you like to party on boats and like relaxed and laid back looks than this would be good too.Though you might want more makeup such as a light coat of blush and some eye shadow. Just basically upgrade to a nicer quality if it is something fancy like a yacht party. Shoes can also be upgraded or downgraded depending on the occasion. Either way they should have color to set off the dress. Like the dress for the example is white, and the shoes are purple with white stripes. So, it matches without being too much. The accessory is random and cheerful, with many colors. That is what I love about white dresses, they are so easy to accessorize! 

For a really cute swimsuit top and bottom here are two links! And the bottoms are on sale!:

Here are super cute sandals. I would suggest buying them in blue:

These ones have more color choices:]

Here are a few dress choices in white/cream:

Here is a color splash necklace that is still elegant:

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