Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

€ The way you dress will calculate your future. Just like the game MASH. The difference is that this isn't a game. It's. Your. Life.

*Every day you make an impression, whether you like it or not. But, you can control it too. By the way you look. How many times have you judged someone by their appearance? Well the public does the same thing to you as well. It is all in your hands. That is why I am here to help*

Hey guys, so sorry that I literally haven't posted in FOREVER, almost a year. But I have been working on fashion on my polyvore. So from now on I will be posting at least an outfit a week on my blog. A month may be themed or just an outfit. Some posts will be special ones where I write like this or they will be posted from my polyvore.

A Beautiful Mind

Red top

Chloé shiny pants

Jimmy Choo silver heel pumps
$680 -

L K Bennett suede handbag
$320 -

Alex Monroe hook earrings
$220 -

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