Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What to wear to school

Glitter skinny jeans

€ The way you dress will calculate your future. Just like the game MASH. The difference is that this isn't a game. It's. Your. Life.

*Every day you make an impression, whether you like it or not. But, you can control it too. By the way you look. How many times have you judged someone by their appearance? Well the public does the same thing to you as well. It is all in your hands. That is why I am here to help.*

Lets start with something fairly basic. School. Looking good is important, but spending hours in the morning is unnecessary.
I am going to post pictures of looks and links of products. There is no need to follow it exactly or go running out to buy the products. I am here to suggest and inform and aid. Not control.
First let's talk about makeup. Let me put it plainly here. If you put on too much you will look like a hoochie mama. And you want to test the colors and shades before you wear them in public. They should accentuate your features.

This is a more preppy way to dress. To make it look even fresher you could put your hair in a pony tail with a pouf. As you can see, the eye shadow coordinates with the shirt. It is not too overbearing because it does not completely match the base color of the shirt. It is not even the same color of the shirt, but is a close shade of the design. The belt is a sophisticated accessory that brings the outfit together. The model is not wearing heels. Flats are sensible, and comfortable. For jeans, dark denim would do fine though these ones have sparkles. Skinny jeans are more popular right now so I would suggest wearing those. A sheer polka-dot blouse covers a solid green tank. The blouse does not have to be this same pattern if you don't have one. Baby lips moisture sealing lipstick in a light pink shade would be perfect with this. Keeping your lips hydrated, and the look lasting.

This model has a chic goth look. It isn't creepy, but it is not exactly lolypop colors either. The shirt is simple, yet elegant. What makes the T like this is the pleats, brocade on chest, and maybe even the fabric as well. The dark color, cut and sleeves are what give it a laidback look. Leggings not jeggings. Do NOT get the wool kind! Dark Smokey eyes and lips complete the style. A random color (the bracelet) thrown in, keeps it from getting too dark. Flats again, this time because I personally prefer flats with leggings but in this case hightops or low slung heels could work.

These are just two of the many, many more possible styles. If there's one that you would like me to included in the next blog, post in the comments.

Quick Tips:
1. Choose your outfit the night before, getting ready in the morning will be easier
2. Dress in colors that match your skin tone
3. Try to by makeup online- some sights are cheaper than in stores with great quality such as- eyeslipsface.com

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